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Big progress underway at Falmouth Docks

Posted on: December 7th, 2017 by carnoncontracting

Carnon Contracting - Eastern Breakwater, Falmouth DocksCarnon Contracting are near completion of the first phase of a project on the Eastern Breakwater Jetty for Fugro Geoservices Ltd to install new pipework for fuel transfer within Falmouth Docks.

Carnon Contracting have installed ten piles through the existing jetty with 6.5m of free length casing beneath the jetty to shore level. The piles were advanced through the shoreline rock armour and the overlying silts before founding in bedrock. They were installed using 273mm diameter threaded permanent casing. The casing was advanced two metres into the bedrock before a further two metre socket was drilled. The pile was then reinforced with a 193mm diameter CHS reinforcement full depth to accommodate the loads in both the temporary and permanent conditions.

The condition of the existing jetty prohibited any load in excess of 3.5N/mm2 to be imposed on the jetty. Carnon Contracting developed a temporary works design to allow access for the rig to install the piles, and then to utilise the piles for the formwork to cast the reinforced concrete slab which will sit on the piles.

The second phase of the project will commence shortly. Carnon Contracting will install two cast-in situ reinforced concrete slabs over the piles and on the land side of the jetty to take the new fuel transfer system. Target completion for the contract is Christmas 2017.

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