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Rock anchoring and soil nailing

Carnon Contracting can provide a range of ground anchorage and soil nail solutions for the construction industry. We have recently added the TEI HEM560 drill mast & Marini CID80 drill mast to our fleet of plant machinery.

Both masts are mountable on excavators or other suitable plant and can be used for the installation of anchorages and nails on slopes for stabilisation projects.

Anchorages and nails can also be installed using our conventional rig fleet.

Ground anchorages are generally post-tensioned tendons installed and secured into the competent underlying strata where load is transferred. The load is transferred to the competent strata by either cement grout, resin or mechanical means. Ground anchorages can be installed in drill holes with any inclination. There are a variety of different options of anchorage to suit the ground conditions, access to the site and work place and the required design.

Soil nailing are generally used in soil or loose rock. Soil nails transfer forces into the ground by means of a steel tendon or bar.

Both anchorages and nails use a nut or a plate and/or wedges and a wedge plate depending on the type of tendon used. This allows the head of the tendon to be fixed and stressed to transfer the load.

As part of slope stabilisation schemes the installation of mesh and /or sprayed concrete is also a design requirement. We have the personnel and equipment to carry out both operations.

Carnon Contracting is experienced in both small and large-scale anchorage and nail installations for both private and commercial sector projects.

Anchorages & Nails are used primarily in the following situations:

• Anchoring of retaining walls
• For the stabilisation of eccentrically loaded foundations
• In the stabilisation of slopes and rock walls or cuts during excavation
• For systematic rock stabilisation and local support for underground excavations
• For the stabilisation for uplift purposes as, e.g. to resist tension loads in structures in ground water or the transfer of external tensile forces to the ground, such as in the use of guy wires for towers

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