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Retaining walls

The topography in Cornwall and Devon often results in need of embankment stabilisation and/or retaining wall works as land is developed for either infrastructure or residential purposes. Retaining walls are used to allow slopes to be cut to provide space for development or to remediate the failure of an existing wall or feature.

Carnon Contracting has carried out a wide range of such works, from domestic property embankments to sea cliffs and harbours, over the past 25 years. These contracts often present unique challenges for access and working. Particular constraints on progress include tidal flows and the close proximity of sensitive structures.

Retaining walls can either be permanent and left as constructed or faced with masonry or other finishing to improve the aesthetics of the finished construction whilst ensuring structural stability. Frequently failure of existing retaining walls or cut faces occur in areas where access is restricted. We can assist with the design and implementation of temporary works to enable access to the work site to carry out the required stabilisation or remediation works. We also have the capability to carry out sprayed concrete works which can be reinforced and provide further stability to a retaining wall.

With extensive experience covering areas including mechanical extraction and stabilisation techniques, Carnon Contracting is the first choice for the most challenging of contracts. We are also delighted to take on easy jobs too!

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