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Big progress underway at Falmouth Docks

Posted on: December 7th, 2017 by carnoncontracting

Carnon Contracting - Eastern Breakwater, Falmouth DocksCarnon Contracting are near completion of the first phase of a project on the Eastern Breakwater Jetty for Fugro Geoservices Ltd to install new pipework for fuel transfer within Falmouth Docks.

Carnon Contracting have installed ten piles through the existing jetty with 6.5m of free length casing beneath the jetty to shore level. The piles were advanced through the shoreline rock armour and the overlying silts before founding in bedrock. They were installed using 273mm diameter threaded permanent casing. The casing was advanced two metres into the bedrock before a further two metre socket was drilled. The pile was then reinforced with a 193mm diameter CHS reinforcement full depth to accommodate the loads in both the temporary and permanent conditions.

The condition of the existing jetty prohibited any load in excess of 3.5N/mm2 to be imposed on the jetty. Carnon Contracting developed a temporary works design to allow access for the rig to install the piles, and then to utilise the piles for the formwork to cast the reinforced concrete slab which will sit on the piles.

The second phase of the project will commence shortly. Carnon Contracting will install two cast-in situ reinforced concrete slabs over the piles and on the land side of the jetty to take the new fuel transfer system. Target completion for the contract is Christmas 2017.

Milestone at North Roskear

Posted on: November 22nd, 2017 by carnoncontracting

Carnon Contracting North Roskear


A contract for 29 residential units at North Roskear in Camborne for Kier Living has had a very successful restart this week for Carnon Contracting. The restricted nature of the site meant work for Carnon Contracting has been on hold following completion of the piling and mine remediation works in July 2017 during an initial phase. Carnon Contracting demobilised from site while Kier Living progressed work on the structures to allow the restart.

Carnon Contracting services included in this phase of the contract are the groundworks, drainage and service installation packages, followed by the landscaping which will be complete early in the New Year.

Brent Harvey, site manager for Kier Living, said, “I would also like to add a personal thank you to your men on site for their hard work and help in the difficult space given. They have been great with members of the public, and in maintaining the health and safety culture expected, under extreme circumstances on my site.”

Work in St Austell

Posted on: November 8th, 2017 by carnoncontracting

Carnon Contracting - St Austell BreweryCarnon Contracting have completed works at the St Austell Brewery site for Envirogen. The project required the installation of a large reinforced concrete slab with a power float finish to tight tolerances. The slab of Circa 12 x 13m contained approximately 9 Tonnes of reinforcement and 90 cubic meters of sulphate resisting concrete. Carnon Contracting worked through the night to ensure the specified finish was achieved.

Incidental works associated with this have also been carried out including Aco Drainage to the perimeter, collection sump, draw pits and ducting works.

Envirogen are due to construct the effluent plant on the slab late November 2017.

New gear for Carnon Contracting

Posted on: September 8th, 2017 by carnoncontracting

New gear for Carnon ContractingCarnon Contracting expands its drilling capability with an investment in a new TEI HEM 560 drill mast fitted with a powerful TE560 hydraulic drifter. The lightweight mast attaches to an excavator using a bracket and a 360 degree swivel, allowing excellent manoeuvrability. The TEI mast is well suited to soil nailing, ground anchoring and micro piling applications, and better equips us to compete for contracts in Cornwall and the South West.

The TEI mast is also available for contract hire. Please contact our office for further details.

Carnon Contracting has started a programme of investment which will enable the business to expand operations into larger projects.

Carnon Contracting offer full service to clients

Posted on: September 7th, 2017 by carnoncontracting

Full service for clients

Carnon Contracting completed work on a site located in Portmellon near Mevagissey in August, delivering both the geotechnical and civils work packages. A new residential development required the installation of piles to support ground beams for the new house.

Carnon Contracting have the in-house capability to offer both services, allowing delivery of a complete foundation package to our clients.

Work in West Looe

Posted on: July 18th, 2017 by carnoncontracting

Work in West LooeWork in West LooeCarnon Contracting are nearing completion of the first phase of work at The Sardine Factory development on the waterfront in West Looe. The Grade II listed Sardine Factory is being converted into a museum and restaurant, having secured funding for the work in mid-2017. Twelve 220mm diameter Odex piles were installed into bedrock from within the building along the foot of the wall and cast into a capping beam to support the 7m high granite party wall. This phase of work allows the rest of the demolition phase to continue before Carnon Contracting return to complete the foundation piling and groundworks for the scheme.


Exploratory drilling at Farm Foods, Pool

Posted on: June 22nd, 2017 by carnoncontracting


In recent weeks, Carnon Contracting have deployed two of their Beretta drill rigs to the new development site in Pool, Camborne where Farm Foods will be located. The work was being carried out for AGS Ground Solutions, with both rigs being used to investigate the general ground conditions on site to build a ground model, as well as some targeted drilling to pinpoint the locations of known mining features.


Mining remediation in Falmouth

Posted on: June 9th, 2017 by carnoncontracting

Carnon Contracting Mining RemediationCarnon Contracting Mining RemediationRecently completed is a mine remediation contract between two residential properties in Falmouth for Kier Living. The properties had reported a problem with settlement in the rear garden and drainage issues. After establishing the extent of the mine feature from site investigation, a ring of 28 190mm dia. Odex piles were installed. Access to the rear of the properties was restricted to a gate, so Carnon Contracting used their Holman’s Mini Rig to complete the piling.

To support the piled wall as the material within the ring was excavated, two reinforced concrete beams were cast in situ. When the feature causing the problem was identified at 4.5m below ground level, it was secured and the hole was then backfilled using suitable material. Landscaping to the gardens and fencing allowed the properties to be reinstated to their former condition.

All site works on this project were carried out by Carnon Contracting. Photos show the excavation and piles, and the finished garden.

Work in Salcombe

Posted on: May 22nd, 2017 by carnoncontracting

Work in Salcombe - Carnon Contracting

Work in Salcombe - Carnon ContractingIn recent months, Carnon Contracting have worked on an exclusive residential property overlooking the Kingsbridge Estuary at Cheesewring in Salcombe. In order to maximise development space on the site, two piled retaining walls were required to stabilise the slope and enable excavation by ensuring the ground was retained. Due to the restricted nature of the site’s location, larger rigs could not be used, so Carnon Contracting’s mini rigs were brought in to install a double line of 240mm diameter Odex piles to form the walls. One of the piled walls was also anchored back with 32mm diameter stainless steel bar anchors, allowing the 5m designed retained height to be achieved.

Click the images to expand.

Carnon install meganewton pile at former Selwoods Garage site in Camborne for Kier Living

Posted on: May 19th, 2017 by carnoncontracting

Carnon Contracting PilingIn recent weeks, Carnon have been installing piles ranging in compression loads from 225kN to 1000kN. The 250mm diameter piles are being installed using Odex drilling techniques to support a new residential development at North Roskear in Camborne. The complex geometry and depth of the vertical and inclined pile network has been necessary due to the proximity of mining features. The deepest pile installed was 30m, and a vacuum excavation system was deployed to keep dust and mining waste fill arisings to a minimum given the congested site and close proximity to residential properties.

On completion of the drilling, the pile reinforcement cages were installed. Given the lack of working space on site, it was necessary to fabricate the cages at Carnon Contracting’s yard at Wheal Jane near Truro and ship them to site as required. The piles were reinforced to full depth with cages and a 50mm diameter central bar to accommodate the tension load required. The cages were installed using an excavator to lower the 6m sections of reinforcement into the pile bore before being spliced and coupled to the next section.

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