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Geotechnical & Civil Engineering

Groundworks, Drainage Installation & Reinforced Concrete Works

At Carnon Contracting GCL we provide the full range of groundworks & civil engineering services expected: from foundation construction, roads, drainage and service work on to footpaths and external paving. Every scheme is undertaken with a high degree of professionalism, ensuring the right solution is safely implemented to meet the client’s needs. Out staff have the relevant training and experience to carry out the broad spectrum of work required.

Given our geotechnical capability to install piles, ground anchorage s and soil nails Carnon Contracting can coordinated both the geotechnical and civils phases to deliver a complete groundwork package to improve efficiency, remove the need to appoint separate contractors and develop the opportunity to save time on the project programme.

Accurate installation of drainage is one of the core services of any groundworks contractor be it adoptable, private, pumped or attenuation. Carnon Contracting have experience and trained staff in drainage schemes in both the commercial and residential sectors on small single dwelling projects to large housing and commercial building developments. We have confined space, trained street works & street works supervisors within our labour force so all aspects of drainage can be carried out.

One of the primary objectives is to get out of the ground on any project and Carnon Contracting can construct the foundations, whether they be strip, raft or piles, as quickly as possible so that the build process can start in earnest.

Our skill and experience of carrying out reinforced cast insitu concrete work is often required when mine capping and remediation works are needed, which is often found in Cornwall when developing new sites.

Carnon Contracting can also assist with hard and soft landscaping to finish projects.

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